Thursday, August 13, 2009

Classification of piles

Piles is classified in to the following with respect to material;
  1. Timber
  2. Concrete
  3. Steel
  4. Composite piles
Timber piles
  • Timber pile is most suitable for long cohesion piling and piling beneath embankments.
  • Keeping the timber below the ground water level will protect the timber against decay and putrefaction.
  • Pressure creosoting is the usual method of protecting timber piles.

Concrete pile
  • Pre cast concrete Piles or Pre fabricated concrete piles : Usually of square, triangle, circle or octagonal section, they are produced in short length in one meter intervals between 3 and 13 meters.
  • They are pre-caste so that they can be easily connected together in order to reach to the required length.
  • Pre stressed concrete piles are also used and are becoming more popular than the ordinary pre cast as less reinforcement is required .

Steel piles
  • Steel piles are suitable for handling and driving in long lengths.
  • Their relatively small cross-sectional area combined with their high strength makes penetration easier in firm soil

Composite piles
  • Combination of different materials in the same of pile.
  • One main advantage of the composite concrete pile is that the longer-slender-lower-upper pile is much cheaper per unit length than the shorter-wider-upper pile.

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