Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to do toilet floor

Top of the slab
 Courtesy of YD Works
Toilet to be constructed on top of a slab with dimension 4 feet x 5 feet, so for this job, there is a 4inch dia UPVC Pipe drilled in to the slab, make sure you have the correct gap between the wall the pipe.

Bench marked for floor screeding
Courtesy of YD Works
Point "A" is the floor drain after drilling hole of 2inch with a pipe fitted, than find the top level of drain and find the top level of "B", make sure the levels differs by 12mm, so that it creates a slop. "C" is where WC is to be fitted.

Floor screeding completed
courtesy of YD Works
ones the floor screeding is completed, now that there is a slop of 12mm from one end to the drain, now that its ready for tiles work

floor tiles completed

Wall Tiles completed
after the tiles is completed, fill the gaps with white water resisting cement. after all the caps been filled, fit the WC on top of the pipe and secure the WC with sealant.

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