Friday, August 17, 2012

How to put up a wood partition

25x15 feet Space to be divided into two rooms, rooms with 8 feet high timber partition with two panel doors to each room.

Step 1. Mark two point on both side of the rooms where you want the room to be divided, than draw a line on the floor, after you know your line, place solid timber of 2x1.5 inch on the line than screw to the floor, 3 feet apart, so that it securely anchors to the floor. 

Step 2. Erect timber each 2 feet apart to a height of 8 feet, than place the top timber so that the frame is now completed, add reinforcing timber in between each erected timber at a height of 4 feet.

 Step 3. Nail the 3mm ply wood with 1inch nail, hammer the nails 6inch apart on the sides, and for the center spaces, 1 feet part.

 Step 4. Fix the door frames the partition frames.

Step 5. Fix the panel door and insert lock.

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