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Monday, March 7, 2016

Different types of nuts used in industries

Nut is a steel or any other material with a tube shape object with a thread inside it. there is a very large verity of nuts used in different industries depending on the technical parameters its needed for

Hex - a six sided nut, also called as a finished hex nut

Heavy Hex - a heavy duty version of standard nut.

Nylon insert lock - a nut with a nylon insert to prevent backing off, also referred to as a nylock

Jam - height of this nut is reduced than a Hex

Nylon insert jam lock - its a nylock nut with a reduced height

Wing - this nuts can be tighten by hand

Cap - a nut with a domed top cover the end if the fastener

Acorn - its a higher type cap nut just for the purpose of appearance

Flange - its a nut with a build in washer like flange

Tee - commonly used for wood to be driven in to as a thread

Square - a four sided nut

Prevailing torque lock - a non reversible lock nut used for high temperature application

K-Lock or kep - a nut with a n attached free spinning external tooth lock washer.

Coupling - this is used to connect threaded rods into each other

Slotted - slotted nuts are used in conjunction with cotter pin on drilled shank fasteners to prevent loosening commonly used in hydraulic jacks.

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