Saturday, April 21, 2012

what do we know about bitumen

what is bitumen? 
Bitumen or Tar is a dark black,greasy, viscous material that is a naturally-occurring organic byproduct of decomposed organic materials ,Bitumen is  the heaviest, thickest form of PETROLEUM.
How is bitumen produced?
Crude oil is to be introduced to an oil refinery, the crude oil being processed is separated into different parts on the basis with respect to their boiling range. The final bitumen product can be produced to technical specification either directly in the refining process or by blending bitumens with different physical properties.
What is the bitumen used for?
it been used widely for roads, roofs, water proofing..
Heavy duty pavings, Urban roads paving, rural roads paving, main roads paving, industrial uses.

Heavy duty paving is used in Airports, ports and railways require paving solutions that can withstand extremely heavy loads and high pavement stress. These pavements are subject to sustained loads, often in channels such as loading bays which can lead to rutting.

Industrial applications for bitumen are extremely varied; core applications include roofing, flooring and sealing on both an industrial and DIY level.

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