Saturday, November 3, 2018

Drilling a hole on a MS sheet

What is the minimum sapce that we need to keep between hole or edge minimal distance? BS or british standard indicatea that it is nessasry to keep 1.4xD (D stands for diameter of hole that your drilling)

This is plate where we need to drill for 42mm dia  bolt.. so just to fit it we are gonna drill a 45mm dia meter hole on a 25mm ms sheet... so

1.4 x d=  1.4x45= 63mm
As u can see..  center of hole to safe edge distance is 63mm

Distance between 2 hole to be 2.5xD , where D is diameter of the hole.

Below is from code of practice BS code
6.2.1 Bolt spacing minimum spacing

For standard clearance holes or holes for fitted bolts the spacing between centres of bolts should not be less than 2.5d. where d is the nominal diameter ofthe bolts- For oversize holes or slotted holes the hole sparing  should be increased to leave at least tbe same width of steel clear between the holes as for standard clearance holes.

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