Saturday, November 17, 2018

Putzmeister concrete pump

The eSmart Range is equipped with Human Machine Interface (HMI) control panel that has the IFM Display, which allows the driver to  determine the real time operating status of the machine and diagnosing faults. The IFM displays the various parameters which allows to continuously monitor the, pump. Thanks to a reba ble faiult management system, the machine can be fully operational in the event of a failure, and even in emergency operations. Up-to-date feedback and system information for the machine appear in real time on the 

Safety Features
-  The er ' ergency switch on the control panel is very easy to access.  It stops the entire operation of the mulching when pressed in case
of emergency,
- RSA-Grill Safety switch - if the hopper grill is open, the pump and agitator will not operate arid will prevent accident.

Oil Saver
The 0PS design drastically reduces the operational costs. The BSA  eSmart product range requires only 70-1 00 litres of hydraulic oil-thanks to the Open Pumping System (0PS). Due to this revolutionary OPS system, the consumption of hydraulic oil gets reduced by 70-1 00 litres which is almost 3.5 times lesser compared to the oii needed for an equivalent machine from other brands (internal oil change remains the same i.e. 500 pumping hours or 1500-2000 engine hours). This spectacular reducHon In hydraulic oil will give you lifelong savings on every hydraulic oil change.

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