Saturday, November 17, 2018

How to do concrete without a batching plant

concrete been mixed with a european brand winget mixer model 500R and a chinese mixer model JZM500, CAT excavator, excavator bucket is measured and used for loading sand and aggregate to hopper of mixers, kobelco rk250 crane and a tadano TR250 crane been used for hosiitng the buckets and pouring to the second slab. All equipments from YD WORKS,
See the vedio for beter view

For this concrete they been using grade 53 cement, 750 bags of 50kg, and 75 tons of manufacture or crushed aggregate and 113 tons if aggregate. Mixing at a avrage speed of 100 bags per hour.

do you know which brand of concrete pump and batching plant is best? for me i find Putzmeister as best brand around. more about putzmeister in another post.

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