Friday, September 7, 2012

steps on How to do New floor screeding

for a new cement/sand floor screeding, its better for the floor if the mix ratio can be 1:4, 1 part cement to 4 parts sand.  if you are not planing to put over load goods or things there is no need for reinforcement, the thickness of the screeding slab can be 50mm or 2 inch thick.
Step 1; do floor blending with a good earth compactor.

Step 2; Using a tube level, bench mark every 2m or 6 feets so that the whole floor is even

Step 3; if your not using a pipe, use the mixed cement and make a trench with a ruler section

 now that there are two side with same height as the above pic, and center is with no cement mix.
Step 4; pour the cement mortar and spread it and using a trowel you can fine smooth it.