Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Design of On Street Parking Facilities

On-street parking facilities may be designed with the parking bays parallel to the curb or
inclined to the curb Figure below shows the angles of inclination commonly used for
curb parking and the associated dimensions for automobile parking, It can be seen that
the number of parking bays that can be fitted along a given iength of curb increases as the
angle of inclination increases up to 90 degree The higher the inclination angle, s however, the
greater the encroachment of the parking bays on the traveling pavement of the highway
Parking bays inclined at angles to the curb severely interfere with the movement of traffic
on the highway, with the result that crash rates tend to be higher on sections of roads with
angle parking than on those with parallel parking It should be noted that the dimensions
given in Figure below are for automobiles When parking bays are to be provided for trucks
and other types of vehicles, the dimensions should be determined on the basis of the
dimensions of the specific vehicle being considered.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

flat roof construction and waterproofing

on a roof with a standing wall, its best to have a capping beams or a coping with concrete which can help direct water flow.. a capping with a 50mm edge out side the wall.

for a concrete roof skirting must be done atlease 100mm high.. liquid bitumen is one the best water proofing matrial that is been used.
As below.. many layers of material is best specially for a wooden roof but if its a concrete slab its not that nessary for this must of roofing felt or bitunen layers since concrete it self is water proof.

Even if its a concrete or wood, even though its a flat rood it need atleast 3% slope .. if not as below there are high chances of water leaking.


Friday, August 12, 2022

list of recent Tallest buildings

Still the world tallest building is in dubai UAE burj khalifa standing 828 meter., next Shanghai China Shanghai tower, mecca saudi arabia with mekka clock tower standing 601 meter.

Mostly European haven't made much progress in climbing the world tall towers.. kinda disappointing with what they claims.