Thursday, February 7, 2019

Leveling a steel H beam and grouting

Steel H beam UC254x254x89 is been erected and leveled and grouted.

Step 1. Clean area were you need to grout well.

Step 2. Put a timber covering around the area.. lets say 50mm bigger

Step 3. lift the H beam and put it on the bolts/ anchore rods and check if it fits.

Step 4.. once your sure on it.. keep the beam on a side bit far from the work area.. lets say about 2 meters, so that you can have space for mixing the grout and other preprations.

Step 5. Mix the non shrink grouting with water untill it mix well.. im not gonna post a pic of brand or packet.. no advertising 😋

Step 6. Pour the mix on top of the prepared area

Step 7. Put the steel H beam on top. But before that make sure to put a bitumen sheet on top.

Step 8. Observe with level instrument for this case they used a Sprite level.

9. Than tight the nuts until level shows its buble is to level.

Tip; if you look at the above vedio, you will notice that they have put a steel packing or steel sim or steel packer under the H beam steel column. This is that when the grouting set it may squeez the whole grout out.. and it will make it easy to level.