Thursday, June 9, 2016

my homemade mobile crane

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

done with the truck DIY project wood working

very interesting project, subscribe to my youtube channel and see more of it
more on how to make in

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Not a mega lift moving of JCB 1CX

The 600kg loader capacity JCB 1CX is the smallest model in our backhoe loader range, bringing backhoe performance and capability to previously inaccessible areas.

It can turn on its own axis in order to work in cramped environments and it’s fitted with a universal skid steer quickhitch allowing for a full range of skid steer attachments to be fitted easily. Full servo-controlled hydrostatic transmission gives zero to maximum speed, both in forward and reverse, at full power.


  • Highly manoeuvrable skid steer design 
  • Gearless servo-controlled hydrostatic transmission
  • Comfortable cab environment
  • Versatile universal skid steer quickhitch
  • Extradig option gives superior backhoe performance
  • Choice of manual or servo excavator controls

We’ve designed the JCB 1CX mini backhoe loader to spend as much of its time as possible working hard for you.

The large opening bonnet allow for excelled access for routine maintenance and service.The hourmeter and warning light cluster are also in the side panel, and this assembly includes a warning buzzer to sound malfunction alerts. We’ve fitted the 1CX with a heavy duty harness with secured sealed connectors to prevent water and dust ingress. The connectors conform to IP67 (DIN 40 050) standards. A woven nylon outer covering protects the harness against abrasion and also improves its resistance to water penetration.


The JCB 1CX is an exceptionally safe backhoe loader: a ROPS/FOPS canopy or fully glazed cab with soundproofing, working lights, seatbelt and JCB impact protection kit are available to suit the different customers around the world.

What’s more, our backhoe design provides exceptional all-round visibility.


The JCB 1CX backhoe loader is extremely nimble, not just because of its compact size; it’s also blessed with cutting edge controls to make manoeuvering easy.

Hydraulic servos reduce lever efforts to a minimum and seat-mounted twin ergonomic joystick controls are positioned for easy use. There’s an auxiliary hand tools circuit, while joystick-mounted auxiliary control push buttons make attachment operation easy.

To turn on its own axis, the 1CX has a skid steer transmission system controlled through servo hand controls for ease and precision.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Different types of nuts used in industries

Nut is a steel or any other material with a tube shape object with a thread inside it. there is a very large verity of nuts used in different industries depending on the technical parameters its needed for

Hex - a six sided nut, also called as a finished hex nut

Heavy Hex - a heavy duty version of standard nut.

Nylon insert lock - a nut with a nylon insert to prevent backing off, also referred to as a nylock

Jam - height of this nut is reduced than a Hex

Nylon insert jam lock - its a nylock nut with a reduced height

Wing - this nuts can be tighten by hand

Cap - a nut with a domed top cover the end if the fastener

Acorn - its a higher type cap nut just for the purpose of appearance

Flange - its a nut with a build in washer like flange

Tee - commonly used for wood to be driven in to as a thread

Square - a four sided nut

Prevailing torque lock - a non reversible lock nut used for high temperature application

K-Lock or kep - a nut with a n attached free spinning external tooth lock washer.

Coupling - this is used to connect threaded rods into each other

Slotted - slotted nuts are used in conjunction with cotter pin on drilled shank fasteners to prevent loosening commonly used in hydraulic jacks.

How to load 1 5 ton concrete block to truck

more details on how load is distributed in other pages

Load diagram

a concrete block been removed and loaded to a dump truck, above is a diagram of how the load act when it been lifted with a nylon rope of 20 mm dia thick, the excavator bucket have a hook on it and roape been hooked there, and this nylon rope is pulling it up word

Saturday, March 5, 2016

forklift accident at port of Maldives taking out by tadano crane

forklift fall down into the sea of the port jetty while it was trying get on to a barge, a Tadano rough terrain 25ton crane come and pick up the Caterpillar 5ton forklift and loaded it to a 15ton Mitsubishi dump truck.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Kobelco excavator vs mitsubishi dump truck

Overall buckling analysis of frames- Approximate methods

method of overall buckling load are included because it indicates an upper bound for the critical gravity load and it allows an assessment of the relative vulnerability of the building to transverse buckling or torsional buckling and for structures which an approximate p-delta analysis to amplification factor for the displacements and moments.

Shear mode

this mode is when double bending of the columns and girders buckling occurs in resistant frames as a result of story sway.

shear buckling

Flexural mode

in this mode, the entire structure buckles as a flexural cantilever by axial deformations of the columns. the greater the slenderness of structure it becomes more vulnerable  to instability in the flexural mode as opposed to the shear mode.

flexural buckling in structure

Combined shear and flexural modes

this is a contribution of shear and flexural modes, in this case of the buckling of a vertical cantilever with a gravity load as its top, below solution exists

1/Pcr = 1/Pf + 1/Ps

Pcr, Pf and Ps = critical loads for the combined, flexural and shear modes of buckling respectively.

flexural-shear buckling in structure

Manpower mechanical wood robot

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Common types of roof truss - wood or steel truss

what we call a truss is a structural composed of slender members joined at there end points making a frame sort a thing, in construction industry its widely used either with wood struts, metal bars, angles or channels. these thing are joined with bolts, nail, or welding depending on the material used.

Truss used to support roof depends on the span, slop, and the roof materials. below are the common types used:

1. scissors
2. Howe
3. Pratt
4. Fan
5. Fink
6. Cambered fink
7. warren
8. Sawtooth
9. Bowstring
10. Three-Hinged arch

1. Scissors

2. Howe

3. Pratt

4. Fan

5. Fink

6. Cambered fink

7. warren
warren truss used in bridges

8. Sawtooth
sawtooth is very famous used in factory roofs

9. Bowstring

bowstring roof

10. Three-Hinged arch

below is a list of truss used in construction industry depending on design and use.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

permeability and seepage in soil - Darcy's Law

Darcy's Law

In 1984, Darcy publish a simple equation for the discharge velocity of water through saturated soil with a simple equation below;


v = discharge velocity (flow of water right angles to the of the cross section)
K = permeability coefficient or hydraulic conductivity

Dacy got this equation from experiments he did in clean sand which flows water, v is discharge of velocity of water based on gross cross section of soil, but in actual case void space velocity of water is high than v, relationship between the discharge velocity and the seepage velocity can be derived as

vs = v/n

vs= seepage velocity
n= porosity

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to field determination of saturation flow of Traffic

To know traffic flow,  two people are needed to carry out this study, one person needs to have a stop watch or a timer equipped device, and other to record a events with a appropriate software or a notebook computer. details such as area type, width, and grade of the lane being evaluated to be measured and recorded.

thak you need to have a good point for observation with a clear vision without any obstetrical and able to see traffic light, mark a specific point for traffic to enter, than follow below steps:
1. Timer starts the stop watch as green light and record the time
2. recorder immediately notes the last vehicle in the stopped queue and describes the timer and also notes vehicles details such as heavy and light and who turns right and left
3. timer than reads all the vehicles passing
4. timer records all the vehicles that passed and noted
5. width of the lane and slope of approach are then measured and recorded together with any unudal occurrence that might have effected the flow
6. just after the green phase is less than saturation flow, the time considered for calculating the saturation flow is theat between the time the rear axle of the car crosses the reference point t4 and the time the rear axle of the fourth car crosses the reference point tn. below equation can be used

Saturation flow = 3600/((t4-tn)/(n-4))

where n is the number of last vehicle surveyed.

field sheet for direct observation of prevailing saturation flow ratio

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Variation of wind velocity with building height

looking at moving fluid and a solid surface, viscosity manifests itself in the creation of shear force aligned opposite to the direction of fluid motion, a similar effects takes place between surface of earth and atmosphere. viscosity reduces the air velocity adjacent to the earths surface to almost zero.

the height at which the velocity ceases to increase is called the graient height, and the corresponding velocity, the gradient velocity. the height through which the wind speed is affected by the topography is called the atmospheric boundary layer.

wind speed variation is given by a simpler power-law expression as below:

Vz = Vg (Z/Zg)^a

Vz = main wind speed at height of Z
Vg = gradiant wind speed, assume constant above boundry layer
Z = heigh above ground
Zg = depth of boundary layer
a = power law coefficient

wind speed of Z can be calculated using aboive equation by knowing mean wind speed at gradient height and the value of exponent a. value of a ranges from low of 0.14 for open country to about 0.5 for built-up urban areas. the pressure and suction generated by wind are a function of the wind speed, and in general increase with the building height.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

loading container to a side container loading truck trailer

its a 36ton self loading container truck Sidelifter is the most versatile and cost effective container transport equipment its take about 10 minutes for set up and lifting. this self-loading trailers are ideal for placing shipping containers with precision anywhere a truck can access, then loading or unloading the container on the ground. No other way of delivering and retrieving containers matches the accuracy and precision Sidelifter technology.

side loader

Friday, February 26, 2016

syringe power push pull rotary wood gear

This is a hydraulic syringe power push and pull system to rotate wooden gear, ive made control lever before and u can check it out in my YouTube channel Goldinton.

big fly wheel is rotating the small flywheel, the syringe use hydraulic power to push the almost center of the big flywheel to a side and it give a curve motion to the big wheel which allows it to move making the rotation, this ive prepared for my on going project the robot.  

the wood used is 3mm plywood cut with CNC router.
more of  my wood works in my wood blog:

syringe hydraulics gear

wood gear

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tadano TR250 rough terrain crane loading 40feet container to truck

This is a rough terrain TADANO TR250 crane, loading capacity of 25ton, container is 40 feet, dry weight 4tons, loaded to a truck trailer, using main winch to lift and hoist. the roap slings used are 5ton capacity.