Sunday, February 28, 2016

Variation of wind velocity with building height

looking at moving fluid and a solid surface, viscosity manifests itself in the creation of shear force aligned opposite to the direction of fluid motion, a similar effects takes place between surface of earth and atmosphere. viscosity reduces the air velocity adjacent to the earths surface to almost zero.

the height at which the velocity ceases to increase is called the graient height, and the corresponding velocity, the gradient velocity. the height through which the wind speed is affected by the topography is called the atmospheric boundary layer.

wind speed variation is given by a simpler power-law expression as below:

Vz = Vg (Z/Zg)^a

Vz = main wind speed at height of Z
Vg = gradiant wind speed, assume constant above boundry layer
Z = heigh above ground
Zg = depth of boundary layer
a = power law coefficient

wind speed of Z can be calculated using aboive equation by knowing mean wind speed at gradient height and the value of exponent a. value of a ranges from low of 0.14 for open country to about 0.5 for built-up urban areas. the pressure and suction generated by wind are a function of the wind speed, and in general increase with the building height.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

loading container to a side container loading truck trailer

its a 36ton self loading container truck Sidelifter is the most versatile and cost effective container transport equipment its take about 10 minutes for set up and lifting. this self-loading trailers are ideal for placing shipping containers with precision anywhere a truck can access, then loading or unloading the container on the ground. No other way of delivering and retrieving containers matches the accuracy and precision Sidelifter technology.

side loader

Friday, February 26, 2016

syringe power push pull rotary wood gear

This is a hydraulic syringe power push and pull system to rotate wooden gear, ive made control lever before and u can check it out in my YouTube channel Goldinton.

big fly wheel is rotating the small flywheel, the syringe use hydraulic power to push the almost center of the big flywheel to a side and it give a curve motion to the big wheel which allows it to move making the rotation, this ive prepared for my on going project the robot.  

the wood used is 3mm plywood cut with CNC router.
more of  my wood works in my wood blog:

syringe hydraulics gear

wood gear

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tadano TR250 rough terrain crane loading 40feet container to truck

This is a rough terrain TADANO TR250 crane, loading capacity of 25ton, container is 40 feet, dry weight 4tons, loaded to a truck trailer, using main winch to lift and hoist. the roap slings used are 5ton capacity.